Sheila is still being hounded

Department for Work and Pensions ‘put girl in coma’ – now they won’t leave her family alone


The Work Capability Assessment is a complete farce! I had to go to a tribunal to be put into the support group. I’m a solicitor & I felt I was on trial, this must affect others in many ways. Sheila should never have been put into this position. Her mental health issues meant that her personal situation needed to be handled on a gentle and caring manner.

I have received so many e-mails from people who are scared & feel like they aren’t being assessed on their individual physical & mental issues. Those with ‘invisible’ symptoms are treated worst of all in my opinion. I have been there at the end of the phone after reading some of the extremely harrowing cases.

I have a friend who has had cancer twice, chemotherapy, on high doses of various pain relieving, anti epileptic, anti depressants etc who has been put in the Work Related Activity Group. His cancer treatment has left him with spinal problems, his hip & spine have fused due to crumbled discs. He’d do anything to be well enough to work but me, him & thousands like us are treated as though we are pretending to be so ill. If we are then we should get an Oscar!

The fact is only around 1% of claims for ESA & DLA are fraudulent. Our GP’s, psychologists, psychiatrists aren’t contacted, despite being asked to name them on the ESA50 form.

Demonising the sick & disabled is callous, inhuman & is abhorrent. So when there is a job for every person that complies with the questions on the form I will eat my wheelchair!

The form asks; can you put a pen in your top pocket with either hand, can you lift or move an empty box, can you raise either arm above your head, can you walk 50mts, can you lift a carton of milk?

How questions like this can help assess ones physical & mental state I do not know. A person may be able to do one or more of those things BUT likely not everyday, likely not reliably & likely not safely!

The WCA needs changing there isn’t a tick box that could ever cover a persons individual circumstances. Too many people are being bullied & not assisted. Too many people are dying after being found fit for work & many are stressed & scared when told they must attend courses, interviews etc. Well a person is either sick or not sick. There is no middle ground.

I hope Sheila will get well very soon and return to her loving, caring & supportive family.