Did Aiden lie & lie again about Nazi Stag Party?


Photo courtesy of @GuidoFawkes


This row over this stag do has rumbled on for 2 years. I was called by a radio station earlier in the week to discuss whether wearing the outfit hired by #AidenBurleyMP, was Aiden’s responsibility, was it just jolly japes at a jolly boys stag party? Is it any different to people who reenact wars ranging from Knights jousting, civil war reenactments with Roundheads and Cavaliers, or the WWII themed days at various places in England?

I honestly had no idea that Aiden Burley’s friend had been prosecuted in France for wearing the offending article of clothing. I can see it being a really stupid idea to wear anything relating to the vile acts perpetrated by those who did the bidding of their reich masters. I don’t buy the following orders tale or I didn’t until I found out more about the Nazis, how they became and the rise to power of the most vile and murderous monster Adolph Hitler but that is another story altogether.

Mr Burley for some reason thought it would be “funny” to have the Groom dressed and paraded around the Ski resort. Their antics in the restaurant and the obvious disbelief of passers by as they walked to the Frog and Roastbeef pub. Mr Burley had always claimed that he did not partake in any of the chants, the salutes, the gestures, in fact he said he didn’t even of to the pub.

Now whatever the whys and wherefores of the uniform and the chanting, which is not something I would find entertaining or even fun. Mr Burley has lied to Parliament, he has lied to an enquiry. He may be a good MP, he may help his constituents resolve problems, he may work harder than any other MP BUT is he a fit and proper person?

If he can lie about this matter then what sort of a man is he? He is in a position of trust, he is meant to uphold certain standards, the above expose (link at top) would suggest he is a liar. He simply has been hoist by his own petard. His silly and irresponsible behaviour (as an elected MP he should have known better?).

His friend has been found guilty this week, so I can see why the whole sorry episode is back in the news. The information the Media had was most likely not released until the outcome of the case regarding the groom who stupidly wore the outfit.

So all of this hinges on Mr Burley’s statement of account regarding that now infamous evening, to the #ConservativeParty, The Inquiry and to #LordGold. The information, the audio, the photos are now available, it appears Mr Burley decided to lie, he didn’t then change his version of events, he was in too deep. So instead of coming clean at the time and saying sorry, he continued with his lies and possibly hoped the whole thing had gone away. I know I thought it had but with this new information questions must be asked!

I think for many reasons that uniform is divisive, there area people alive who were tortured in those hell camps, there are people who have lost loved ones in those camps. The vast majority of those sent to the death camps were sadly sent there for the sole reason that they were Jewish, that was racism of the most vile degree, 6 million Jews killed. Then there were journalists who didn’t do as they were told, actors, actresses, musicians, gypsy folk, homosexual men and the disabled.

This is a very emotive and sickeningly callous act of stupidity on the part of all who were at that party. However, the lies about his whereabouts, his lies about the chants, his lies about the intimidation of people really means that the whip should be withdrawn from Mr Burley immediately.

A further inquiry with the evidence presented by journalists being duly viewed to show the truth if the happenings of that evening, if after all that the inquiry finds he has lied to them and the House of Commons for two years then there is no other option open to the Conservatives but to force him to resign and to call a by election as soon as possible,

The people of Cannock Chase cannot and should not be represented by a liar, When will the elected understand that people do not like liars? Lies are the main reason people are so disillusioned with politicians, they have lied to the people far too often, it has to stop.

We need honesty in politics and without that sadly nothing will change,

I have to point out also that #Labour are not innocent in such matters relating to Nazis; albeit their elected representatives haven’t to my knowledge lied about it. Ed Balls Shadow Chancellor went to a fancy dress party at university actually wearing a Nazi Uniform (see photo) he also forgot to tell everyone he used to be a Tory!!!! Labour also have a councillor elected in 2012 who was a member of the Nazi party (click link below and see photo of her with Diane Abbot.

However it seems only Mr Burley has repeatedly lied.