I’m female, A Graduate, Under 50 & Vote UKIP

Just a little bemused because I’ve read a number of times recently in various articles that #UKIP do not appeal to women, graduates and the young ok I’m 42 but that’s young these days ok – Don’t Forget it lol

So I looked in the mirror, yes definitely female (had to check because not been outdoors in a while). Looked at my binder of achievement yes, degree & 3 post graduate diplomas, professional admittance certificate. Then to the birth certificate ok ok yes I’m kind of old but I hear that 40’s are the new 20’s or something?

So what is missing having senior blonde moment ……. Oh yes it is #UKIP where do I stand on them? Looked around my room, checked a message on my phone & oops silly me of course I’m a UKIP member, I’m a UKIP candidate, I’m a UKIP spokesman, I’m a UKIP approved Parliamentary candidate. Think that’s conclusive I’m a UKIPper! Or lovingly known as a ‘kipper!

So how come I know so many other women like me? We all met through UKIP we all support each other’s efforts via UKIP & in our wider careers. So please can anyone tell me where this misinformation is coming from?

Yet Goodwin, from Nottingham University, and Ford, of Manchester University, say the “army of potential supporters is growing in size”
They argue that Farage and Ukip face huge challenges in the first-past-the-post electoral system, and given the party’s continued unpopularity among women, ethnic minorities, graduates and the young. However, Ukip is now the favoured electoral option among those who strongly disapprove of the EU – 20% of all British voters.

So have these two Academics really spoken to UKIP women? It seems likely not. Also how many people did they survey or question? I’d actually like to know just to know it! Not to use it as a stick to beat the authors with but to see if it tallies with my own experience.

The Guardian Article In Full for you to read

Just a few photos of some UKIP Ladies I found quickly in my phone