The Don’t Care System coming to a town near you

I have started the blog with a link because I have been notified of the contents within which will affect the lives of many people with disabilities, older people with degenerative illnesses & basically anyone who needs a little bit of help to live independently.

What is it that the Government don’t like about the ill, the frail, the elderly, people with disabilities because over the past 4 years they have systematically changed things to ensure that the most vulnerable in our supposed caring society are penalised for all societies ill.

I’m appalled at the way these new regulations can be interpreted and that is the real problem. Each person in charge of the Adult Services & Community Support all over the country can interpret things to suit their ever decreasing budgets. Councillors award the budget to the departments & then they “dole” it out to those who most likely shout loudest!

Who will shout for those who are to scared to shout? Who will care for those our society doesn’t wishes to leave alone? Who will help those who cannot help themselves?

I am deeply saddened by this but I promise no matter what I will speak out, I will shout for the help, I will care about those Society does not. Who will stand with me & do the same for the people of their communities?

I hope there will be legions who will hear my call to arms & defend those who are most vulnerable!

Respond below & pledge your allegiance to help in your neighbourhood. If enough of us do a little bit each then it will change many lives for the better!

Thanks for reading.















Mothers Day – I’m a Resolute Denier

My kids have been brought up that only Birthdays & Christmas are celebrations slightly essential to present giving & confirming to the social norms of our society.

My eldest kids admittedly have phoned & said the usual

Happy Mothers Day but you do know we love you all year round so we’re not buying you cards or a gift today we will just treat you when we find something suitably weird that we know you’ll love.

I was very pleased by this & smiled knowing my kids will not conform to social pressure but will think for themselves.

I hadn’t counted on the youngest! He has been with his Father & Step Mum. He quite rightly made today nice for her because she’s no kids of her own & this is her first Mother’s Day. My lad got her a fab card & she was happy.

He obviously must have seen that little thing that was suitably weird for a nerd mum like me. Over the weekend he was taken to an RAF base, he didn’t go with any intention of buying a gift, also as he rushed in with this gift at 22.45 saying I know we don’t do Mother’s Day but I saw this & thought you. Sorry I gave it you today but it nearly over and so technically it’s not Mother’s Day anymore.

My son knows me so well – see the photos & those of you who know me well will instantly understand!