Anybody’s Child – ChatBack Production

Very busy evening last night. Two important functions attended. First of all the Premier of the latest Chatback Production.

This film group is made up of kids in care. The latest film “Anybody’s Child” was written & performed by kids from the group. A very emotive film about how easy, how fast & how kids can easily become embroiled in Child Sexual Exploitation.

The kids as ever did a fabulous job. The DVD will be no doubt for sale & it is something every family should be aware of. As soon as the DVD is out on sale I will let people know.

A close family friend is involved with the film so I will be quite happy to send people their way to get a copy. I really hope every school will be buying a copy to show to each year group.

I was very proud to be invited & to see the kids doing something very poignant. I’ve had the pleasure of attending the last 2 premiers. By the way Josie Lawrence has again given her time to be in the film. She is such a great supporter of the things the kids have done she’s been in every film I think

Then we were off to UKIP Stourbridge branch event at the Hare & Hounds. The ever lovely & thoughtful Margot Parker MEP gave up her time to speak at the event.

She told people about how she became involved in politics, the hardship endured by those who don’t have private means to fall back on however sheer determination can see you through on relatively little because you invariably still have more than those who come to you for help.

It was a message of hope. That no matter how financially poor you are, in UKIP you must graft, work with the intention of helping make life better for those locally, get involved nationally etc. The key message being that UKIP is an extended family whereby we all look out for each other.

We help people in all regions in every practical way possible whether it be sorting out ASB or the ever glamourous litter picks. There is always a way to help & help people a few at a time.

I’m with Margot & am fully on board with the UKiP family. It’s how we work, it’s how we can support each other to do what we do.

Ps; pain meds worn off so I’m awake waiting for time when I can take my next does. Must remember to get to the chemist later, I’ve run out out of a few of my meds so need to get them or I will be bonkers barmy with pain later!

Tory Mayor likens Rape to a New Housing Development

This week my attention has been drawn to a number of examples where elected #Conservative Cllrs and Mayors have said things that are ridiculous, offensive & obviously haven’t a clue nor a care for the people who elected them;

Case Number 1

Now how can any housing development be compared to rape? How can it be right for her to say that during a rape that a person should lie back & wait ’til it’s over!

The two are not any thing I can see are related. I would never countenance any person to lie back & wait ’til it’s over if they were (and I would never wish this vile act on any person) raped.

Each rape happens differently but I think the best thing is to think sensible & ensure that if in this diabolical situation would be to attempt to get DNA under your nails, pull hair, save any evidence at all and no matter how violated you feel, however much you want to scrub yourself down with bleach & a scrubbing brush, DON’T!!!!

It’s very difficult & you may feel you wish to pretend it didn’t happen, you may think it was your fault, you may feel ashamed at what has happened to you BUT please please GO STRAIGHT TO THE POLICE Or Rape Crisis Centre.

You will be believed, you will be helped, you will be supported. You may have all the evidence on you at that time which would secure a prosecution.

So I’m confounded how any person could liken a housing development to a rape. Let alone someone who is elected to represent the people and holds a high profile role in the area.

If this had been any elected or candidate of #UKIP then the media would be baying at the Council House Door, at the persons home, checking their life history etc etc

Alas for the people of Cheltenham this will not happen and many possibly will never know about this comment! Quite sad really because the media should treat all parties equally, without bias, without favour but that’s obviously only going to happen in a parallel universe.

Just remember when she is up for re-election & think if you really want someone who advocates that a person lays back and waits ’til it’s over when subjected to the violation of rape.

Sexual Harassment, Unwanted Touching, Indecent Assault

In the past 12 months or more, we have had all sorts of allegations of historic sexual abuse supposedly undertaken by famous TV & Radio Personalities.

Much of these allegations relate to things that may have happens more than 30 or so years ago. So how can there be enough evidence to charge the men as it is basically one persons word against the other. Kevin Webster (Michael Le’vell) has already been cleared by the court. There are cases ongoing at the moment relating to historic abuse and reports from the TV Court reports have said that some of the allegations are that the personality in question put his hand on the girl’s waist or shoulder which made them feel uncomfortable.

Assault has a long legal definition but in short it is – any sort of unwanted touching;

Lord Rennard appears to have been accused of similar unwanted touching and sexual harassment, the witnesses are said to be credible yet the internal investigation found that “The Evidence Was Not Beyond All Reasonable Doubt”. I may be wrong but only a court with a jury hearing both sides of the case can come to such an judgment, if after the case is heard in open court by a jury if his peers can Lord Rennard be found not guilty because the jury do not believe they cannot say beyond all reasonable doubt that he has committed the alleged crimes.

The #LibDems have said they believe the women who have reported this man for unwanted touching, sexual harassment etc but they will not get their day in court. Is this because it was done inside the Mother of Parliaments? I put it to you that the #LibDems are scared of losing one of their Lords, worried about losing his patronage and donations thus they are not really interested in getting any sort of justice for their female members of staff.

It is beyond all reason I can think of, if this had been in any other walk of life there would have likely been a proper disciplinary hearing plus a report to the police. As we all know only can the legal wheels of justice be turned to decide if there is any reasonable doubt or absolutely no doubt that can only be tested in court.

I cannot understand how a party such as the #LibDems who have always sold themselves on being fair minded, working towards true equality, ensuring women’s rights are taken seriously etc; can try to dither and procrastinate over whether they will suspend him or not. He is saying he won’t apologise because he says he has done nothing to apologise for and is actually looking at taking this to court with him as the respondent (victim) of the censure which he believes is unfair!!!

I would advise the women involved to make a formal complaint to the police so that they may at least get to have their say, to give their evidence and to have the matter tried before a court. It has happened to the celebrities named above, so why can the women who have been assaulted by Lord Rennard not have their day in court???.