Online Vehicle Licensing Application Aggravation

Ok this is likely to be just a rant to make my own incompetence seem a little less incompetent!

I am a wheelie, this fact is widely known, I’m also only able to function at a basic level due to extra strong medication (These are my excuses & I’m sticking to them) oh and just for good measure I’m blonde!

Being a wheelie also means that you regularly are sent copious amounts of rainforest via the DWP (after they’ve chopped down the rain forest and pressed pulp to make the rather rough feeling paper they send you with words and phrases that need deciphering like some strange & ancient language)!

These little bits of rain forest have all sorts of info that they don’t tell you will be required for a whole host of occasions. One must also ensure to keep the correct up to date version of the form and so can use the strange glyphs contained therein to action a multitude of online applications.

My current dilemma is relating to one such application. This was my 2nd attempt, the first failed due to incomplete information regarding my vehicles MOT status.

Attempt number 2 appeared to be going splendidly, despite my obvious disabilities as listed above. Upon reaching the end of the application I yet again got the red writing of doom which indicates the application was incomplete! Aaarrrghh I could swear I had given the correct information alas The Computer Said NO!

After a few choice words to myself & much searching/checking of every piece of rainforest I’d received over the past year or more. Could I find the info I thought was requested could I heck.

Only after reading one of the leaflets that accompanies a chunk of rainforest did I realise that the info I thought the online application had rejected was indeed correct!

So I decided I’d run with my consternation & try again! I’m just a glutton for punishment!

I filled out every box in exactly the same way as I had on the previous occasions yet for some reason this time there was a distinct lack of red writing! Had I completed the task? Will I receive my Gold Star, well that’s pretty unlikely as I’ve applied for a bloody tax disc.

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever in the whole wide world why this time was any different, all of the information was the same but I got to the end and got the e-mail of success.

I have absolutely no idea why I’m blogging this but maybe it’s because I’m sure that I’m not the only one who suffers at the mercy of Government online application aggravation!

So don’t give up, my theory is that they design the sites to make you input the info a number of times because as with all such Government IT systems it would explode if it was successful on the first attempt!

So bear this in mind & don’t get stressed and make sure you muck up the first few times yourself then you won’t feel quite so bad!

Good luck !!!!