Mothers Day – I’m a Resolute Denier

My kids have been brought up that only Birthdays & Christmas are celebrations slightly essential to present giving & confirming to the social norms of our society.

My eldest kids admittedly have phoned & said the usual

Happy Mothers Day but you do know we love you all year round so we’re not buying you cards or a gift today we will just treat you when we find something suitably weird that we know you’ll love.

I was very pleased by this & smiled knowing my kids will not conform to social pressure but will think for themselves.

I hadn’t counted on the youngest! He has been with his Father & Step Mum. He quite rightly made today nice for her because she’s no kids of her own & this is her first Mother’s Day. My lad got her a fab card & she was happy.

He obviously must have seen that little thing that was suitably weird for a nerd mum like me. Over the weekend he was taken to an RAF base, he didn’t go with any intention of buying a gift, also as he rushed in with this gift at 22.45 saying I know we don’t do Mother’s Day but I saw this & thought you. Sorry I gave it you today but it nearly over and so technically it’s not Mother’s Day anymore.

My son knows me so well – see the photos & those of you who know me well will instantly understand!