Star is a “Token” used by UKIP – so I’m told

This week I have been appalled at the behaviour of someone who really hates UKIP to such an extent she said I’m a “token” used to make UKIP look good. I have a screen shot of the tweet so please read on & read the tweet.

If I am as she says then If she wants my chronic illness & mobility issues with the pain too then she can have them.

I’d give anything to be rid of this I have much I want to do but due to my chronic disease & disability I can’t.

On good days my brain is pushing me but my body refuses to do what I want.

I quite honestly hate being in this body. I have a career to resume because I worked so hard to get qualified as a Solicitor, I also have the qualification & experience of teaching in colleges & Universities. I have given my all to achieve what I have. I also had my children to care for whilst working & studying. I was determined to have a well paid job so I could be a role model for my kids & to provide for them.

I was doing well until this vile illness took over. Now I’m living on medication. I work from my bed dealing with all the questions re UKIP Disability Policies & also doing my best for the people of Coseley. Thankfully technology allows me to undertake the vast majority of my duties from my bed.

If anyone wants to swap I’d jump at the chance. Sadly it’s not possible. I have had to go from being a very energetic independent person to being almost as reliant as a toddler!

Then after working all of my life I had to experience the benefits system! What a bloody shock that was! I had no idea what to do, no help or advice, given the runaround, indignity of ATOS in 2008 but then in 2010 the changes came in & things were made even more confusing, upsetting, being told you’re ill but you’re well enough to look for work or to get training!

What training could I possibly get to make me useful to an employer? I have all the qualifications, I have vast experience, I simply do not have any chance of getting a job because I would be so unreliable plus being medicated so I would never be able to get there before 1pm & due to my pernicious illness I’d only manage 3hrs at the most.

It makes me angry because there are millions in the same position. A person is either well or they’re not well enough to work there isn’t a middle ground. That’s a complete waste of time and money in assessing many people when a call to their GP would give verification of their true state of health!

Also the middle ground of outcomes (Fit for work, Work Related Activity Group & Support Group) of the assessment penalises those who have worked all their lives! That is wrong & is totally used to reduce the costs. The expected cost reduction is not real because of the appeals, the back pay, the tribunal costs, the staffing costs to process it all etc etc!

Time for a rethink & to put in a system which does weed out the scammers but equally does not vilify, belittle, cause undue stress to any person who has the misfortune to be disabled/sick either from birth or later in life!

Rant over but this is why I do what I do. It gives me a sense of purpose & use. It’s not what I’d have chosen but as the saying goes when life brings your lemons then you make lemonade.


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