Labour Struggle to Defend Using Howard’s Lines

Double standards – Labour really do grasp on to anything to attempt to win a seat! No tactic left untried in s bid to get votes!

UKIP – Basic Manifesto Promises via BBC Website


UKIP: Introduce an Australian-style points policy, used to select migrants with the skills and attributes needed to work in the country – covering people from inside and outside the EU. Bring net immigration down to 50,000 people a year. Priority lanes for UK passport holders. Increase UK border staff by 2,500. Tougher English language tests for migrants seeking permanent residence. Opt out of the Dublin treaty to allow the UK to return asylum seekers to other EU countries without considering their claim.

Tax & Economy

UKIP: Increase the personal allowance to the level of full-time minimum wage earnings, about £13,500, by 2020. Abolish inheritance tax. Introduce a 35% income tax rate between £42,285 and £55,000, at which point the 40% rate becomes payable. Set up a Treasury Commission to design a turnover tax on large businesses. Cut foreign aid budget by £9bn a year. Scrap HS2. Save £8bn a year in membership fees by leaving the EU.


UKIP: Ensure all migrants and visitors have NHS approved medical insurance as a condition of entry to UK, with £200m of the £2bn saved to be spent on ending hospital parking charges in England. Tougher regulation of NHS managers. Bring back state-enrolled nurses and return powers to matrons. Monitor and Care Quality Commission to be replaced with county health boards. Stop spending £90m a year on gastric band and breast enhancement operations.


UKIP: Leave the European Union. Remove the passports of any person who has gone to fight for a terrorist organisation and deport anyone who has committed a terrorist act. Cut foreign aid budget by £9bn. Create a Veterans Department to look after the interests of ex-service men and women.


UKIP: Allow firms to offer jobs to British workers first “without the fear of being sued for discrimination”.


UKIP: More grammar schools. Scrap sex education for children aged under seven. Scrap tuition fees for students from poorer backgrounds who take degree courses in the sciences, technology, maths or engineering. Greater emphasis on vocational education with new Apprenticeship Qualification Option. School governing boards must be made up of at least 30% parents of children at the school. Allow universities to charge same amount for EU students as non-EU students.


UKIP: Protect greenbelt land by incentivising the building of affordable homes on brownfield sites. Establish a UK Brownfield Agency to hand out grants, tax breaks and low interest loans. Major planning decisions to be ratified by local referendum.

Law & Order

UKIP: Repeal Human Rights Act and replace it with UK Bill of Rights. Withdraw from European arrest warrant. No votes for prisoners. Those responsible for criminal damage forced to carry out unpaid work in area where it was committed. Those jailed for offences affecting their community should be banned from returning to live in the area, as a condition of their release. “Complete overhaul” of police taking into account “best practice from other countries”.

Benefits & Poverty

UKIP: Only pay child benefit for the first two children for new claimants. Increase the Carers’ Allowance to the same level as Jobseekers’ Allowance (JSA) and pay a higher rate of JSA if you’ve been in work and already made tax and National Insurance contributions. Prevent anyone taking up permanent residence in Britain unless they’re able to support themselves and any dependents they bring with them for at least five years and stop them receiving benefits. Stop paying child benefit for children who don’t live in Britain. Scrap what UKIP calls the “detested bedroom tax”. Boost “credit unions”.

The other parties manifesto’s can be viewed at





Star is a “Token” used by UKIP – so I’m told

This week I have been appalled at the behaviour of someone who really hates UKIP to such an extent she said I’m a “token” used to make UKIP look good. I have a screen shot of the tweet so please read on & read the tweet.

If I am as she says then If she wants my chronic illness & mobility issues with the pain too then she can have them.

I’d give anything to be rid of this I have much I want to do but due to my chronic disease & disability I can’t.

On good days my brain is pushing me but my body refuses to do what I want.

I quite honestly hate being in this body. I have a career to resume because I worked so hard to get qualified as a Solicitor, I also have the qualification & experience of teaching in colleges & Universities. I have given my all to achieve what I have. I also had my children to care for whilst working & studying. I was determined to have a well paid job so I could be a role model for my kids & to provide for them.

I was doing well until this vile illness took over. Now I’m living on medication. I work from my bed dealing with all the questions re UKIP Disability Policies & also doing my best for the people of Coseley. Thankfully technology allows me to undertake the vast majority of my duties from my bed.

If anyone wants to swap I’d jump at the chance. Sadly it’s not possible. I have had to go from being a very energetic independent person to being almost as reliant as a toddler!

Then after working all of my life I had to experience the benefits system! What a bloody shock that was! I had no idea what to do, no help or advice, given the runaround, indignity of ATOS in 2008 but then in 2010 the changes came in & things were made even more confusing, upsetting, being told you’re ill but you’re well enough to look for work or to get training!

What training could I possibly get to make me useful to an employer? I have all the qualifications, I have vast experience, I simply do not have any chance of getting a job because I would be so unreliable plus being medicated so I would never be able to get there before 1pm & due to my pernicious illness I’d only manage 3hrs at the most.

It makes me angry because there are millions in the same position. A person is either well or they’re not well enough to work there isn’t a middle ground. That’s a complete waste of time and money in assessing many people when a call to their GP would give verification of their true state of health!

Also the middle ground of outcomes (Fit for work, Work Related Activity Group & Support Group) of the assessment penalises those who have worked all their lives! That is wrong & is totally used to reduce the costs. The expected cost reduction is not real because of the appeals, the back pay, the tribunal costs, the staffing costs to process it all etc etc!

Time for a rethink & to put in a system which does weed out the scammers but equally does not vilify, belittle, cause undue stress to any person who has the misfortune to be disabled/sick either from birth or later in life!

Rant over but this is why I do what I do. It gives me a sense of purpose & use. It’s not what I’d have chosen but as the saying goes when life brings your lemons then you make lemonade.


Greater Manchester IS the starting point of the EU Regions Development Strategy

Last week Mr George Gideon Osborne went to Manchester to provide the people with a new Mayor & promises of a New Northern Powerhouse to rival London.

Proceed With Extreme caution Mancunians

This is not some deal just put together to make the North-v-South divide disappear. This is part of regional development strategy that will see the
British Isles sliced up into regions. Yes the very regions you vote in for in the EU elections. I’m not joking about this. These plans have been slowly coming to fruition over the past few EU Parliamentary Terms.

It is assumed that we will all sit back & meekly allow not only our country but even parts of our geographical sense of who we are. For example Greater Manchester also covers Bury, Ramsbottom & Heywood. However, when I was growing up these old Mill towns were in the County of Lancashire. In fact since the change to Greater Manchester, that “new label” has never been used by the vast majority of native Lancastrians. We always have & always will refer to ourselves as being Lancashire folk because we are proud Lancastrians!

Only 2 years ago the good people of Manchester voted against having an elected mayor! Here we are 2 years later and not only has the Localism Bill fallen by the wayside but so to has the will of the people!

This has been coming for a long time yet the people have not been given a say, many most likely had no idea this announcement was going to happen let alone that they were going to be the guinea pigs of this great EU Venture.

We have heard that there is a Greater Birmingham proposal which is in the very near offing. To quote Dudley Labour Council Leader, Cllr David Sparks, “a greater Birmingham is Not Only DESIRABLE BUT is INEVITABLE!”

Wait just one cotton picking minute Mr Sparks what about what the people want? The residents of Dudley are proud of their Black Country roots, do you really believe that they will want to be part of a Greater Birmingham? I jolly well doubt it! Will they get a say? Is it too late to save them from this desirable & inevitable state of their Region?

Since the first draft of this blog it has happened! The discussions have been had and 5 authorities have now come together to form some sort of “alliance”! This is not the end of the scheme as soon as Coventry, Solihull & the Shires get on board that will bring about the EU Region as designed by the EU! You may think blimey she’s lost the plot. I can assure you I lost my plot years ago! I do not want my native Lancashire nor the Black Country, Cornwall, Kent or Essex, Middlesborough or Edinburgh becoming the big cities who feed down to the small town councils the crumbs they have left! I know Birmingham Council have to make £300 million of cuts! So if the proposals go ahead how much will these cities take from the budget? You have a think about it, sit and just ask yourself what is the most likely way these cuts will be met?

Sadly, I know of a door, deep inside the EU Parliament (Brussels Annexe) which has on its front not just a number BUT also has the name plate “Greater Birmingham Development Office” (Yes it’s over a few rows to fit on the door!).

Behind this door the Regional Development process for Greater Birmingham is being worked on as you read this! As Cllr Sparks is chairman of Local Government Association (or some such grandiose title which likely commands a hefty allowance too) he will be all to familiar and up to date with this yet he’s not provided the people he serves with full and frank disclosure on this matter.

It would seem to me that they will keep these secrets from us all until it is too late for any of us to change it! So I don’t expect any announcements relating to any of this until after the 2015 elections!

When you hear the plans in June 2015 or just after please remember this blog because you may find your local area being simply known as Region 3 or Region 4 etc!