As the government prepares to open the doors for yet another wave of EU immigration, this time from Bulgaria and Romania a FOI request to Wolverhampton Council (See attached) has revealed some of the effect excessive immigration has already had in the city.

Wolverhampton has over ten thousand people on the waiting list for council properties. A situation made worse by excessive numbers of immigrants coming to the city.

Despite the fact the council has incomplete records with over 12000 people either declining to supply information on their nationality or simply failing to fill in the form the figures show a remarkable number of people from other countries residing in council housing in Wolverhampton.

The figures show a total of 1156 council tenants have declared as being none UK nationals. The spread of nationalities is amazing and includes; American, Canadian, Albanian, Belgian, Bosnian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, French, German, Hungarian, Indian, Iraqi, Irish, Italian, Kurdish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Pakistani, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Somalian, Spanish, Zimbabwean plus other EEA Countries.

Bill Etheridge UKIP Regional Organiser for the West Midlands and one of the candidates for the West Midlands Euro Elections said

“These figures are far from complete but they still show 1156 Council tenants from 30 nationalities in Wolverhampton. Next time the great and the good tell us how good mass immigration has been for the UK and its economy maybe they could speak to the thousands of people in Wolverhampton on the waiting list for council properties with no hope of getting a home anytime soon.
It is essential that we regain control of our borders and maintain an effective limit on the numbers of people entering the country. Figures lilke this show the reality of the strain being put on our infrastructure by years of uncontrolled mass immigration.
Sadly the open door to Romanians and Bulgarians in the new year can only make the situation worse”

For further information please contact Bill Etheridge on 07894 737884

FOI request sent to Wolverhampton CC:

Good Afternoon Mr Etheridge

Thank you for your enquiry. Wolverhampton Homes are an ALMO (Arm’s Length
Management Organisation) that manages properties on behalf of Wolverhampton

As such this request has been passed to ourselves to respond.

In response we are able to provide the attached information which is as of 4th December 2013.

The information we can provide is only that we hold. As there is a large number of these who have not disclosed the information (it is not a compulsory field)
the data is incomplete and as such is not an accurate percentage of none uk
nationals within WCC properties.

I hope this answers your query

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me

Many thanks

Richard Jones
Wolverhampton City Council

IN10 % of Equalities Data held as at: 04/12/2013

Nationality No of Tenants
Albanian 7
American 3
Belgian 5
Bosnian 2
Canadian 1
Chinese 39 Czech 11 Declined To Supply Information 86
Dutch 10
English Scottish Welsh 6354
Estonian 1 Filipino 2 French 6
German 2
Hungarian 5
Indian 53
Iraqi 98
Irish 26
Italian 13
Kurdish 12
Latvian 133
Lithuanian 298 Other EEA Country 168
Pakistani 20
Polish 188
Romanian 4
Russian 6
Serb 2 Slovakian 7
Somalian 11
Spanish 1
UK National resident in UK 4334
UK National back from overseas 10
Undisclosed 1591
Zimbabwean 22
No Information recorded 11193
Total: 24724











  1. Sad to say a drive across the poorer counties and poorer parts of their cities and towns produces buildings covered with mould and other health hazards. Little is done to aid such people with landlords not looking near tenants for years. Would you complain day and night if it made you homeless but got your landlord more rent? Sad fact is children suffer in all this. Very young kids too. Landlords shrug shoulders and do not care as long as the HB comes rolling in. When tenants food is so covered with mould after 3 days that it cannot be eaten then there is a huge problem with the system. Do local government blame cutbacks and manpower shortages and old laws? Do Central government pass the buck? I would like to know. Essentially this is costing the NHS money. So, once again privateers benefit at the cost to the rest of society. Same old band, same old tune…”things are improving?” Any wonder people are fed up with the main 3 parties? Never heard of UKIP ten years ago…you do now. And it’s making the other parties worry with all the defections.


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