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Autharium’s Tuesday Takeover:

Characters are crucial to any story. They deliver your dialogue. Their lives enact your carefully planned plot. If the characters in your story are not strong, not believable, your narration will not transmit. The more layers you apply to your characters (F. Scott Fitzgerald created one of the most complex figures in literature, as this psychoanalysis of Jay Gatsby illustrates) the harder your reader has to work to get closer them. This in turn leads to deeper immersion; your audience becomes closer to the subject, themes and events that take place in your story.

This Tuesday Takeover is all about characterisation. Autharium novelist Sam King, author of Hunting Pleasures, discusses the importance of getting characterisation right for the benefit of your story and your audience. Sam also highlights the differences between the character creation process for his three disparate projects and how each of them presented their own…

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