Hurst Hill Primary School, Cosley, West Midlands


PUBLISHED: July 11, 2014 2:59 pm
Growing calls for head to step down at troubled Coseley primary school
Concerned parents with children at a failing primary school in Coseley have called for the headteacher and governors to resign.

Hurst Hill school parents gathered following reports that a pupil had been carrying a knife

Hurst Hill Primary School was placed in special measures after an Ofsted report published on June 27 labelled the school inadequate.

The inspection took place in May just days after parents took their children out of class amid concerns that a pupil had a knife, although the rumours proved to be unfounded.

Now members of the Hurst Hill parents group are campaigning for headteacher Mrs Caroline Dingle and the management team to step down.

The group is being backed by Coseley councillor Star Etheridge.

Councillor Etheridge has written to the Interim Directorate of Children’s Services at Dudley…

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