Five Policies From UKIP

I’m really pleased that I can share these five policies with you all. I’m sure you’ll see they are reasonable, achievable & helpful to all.

UKIP are campaigning to:

1) Help individuals, families and
couples by increasing the
personal tax allowance to
£13,000 before earners start to
pay tax.

2) Introduce limited immigration.

3) Introduce more apprenticeships.

4) Reinstate the full Educational
Maintenance Allowance
and introduce a grant-based
system for student tuition fees.

5) Ensure a referendum is given on
membership of the European

I’ve only been informed of these today and I’m sharing them immediately. There are some great ideas & will be a great help to a good many people.

Obviously this bunch of five is just a starting point and there will be much more to come in readiness for the 2015 General Election. The manifesto will have everything in full.

Anyway I think this is a positive start. 20140506-102259.jpg20140506-102336.jpg20140506-102435.jpg



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