I’m female, A Graduate, Under 50 & Vote UKIP

This is so true. How dare anyone level an accusation based on rumour, scaremongering and total fabrication!
Maybe they should sort out their own business before trying to look Into another’s! Maybe it’s because we didn’t go to Eton or Harrow, I’m so glad I didn’t as I’d dislike myself for coming up with such class based ridiculous claptrap! I am working class but hard work, dedication & sheer bloody minded determination has resulted in me having the qualifications for TWO careers; Solicitor and Lecturer. I know many others in UKIP who are extremely well educated but they don’t make an issue of it for that would be crass and ill mannered. If only all thought about treating people equally instead of attempting to dismiss and belittle them.


Just a little bemused because I’ve read a number of times recently in various articles that #UKIP do not appeal to women, graduates and the young ok I’m 42 but that’s young these days ok – Don’t Forget it lol

So I looked in the mirror, yes definitely female (had to check because not been outdoors in a while). Looked at my binder of achievement yes, degree & 3 post graduate diplomas, professional admittance certificate. Then to the birth certificate ok ok yes I’m kind of old but I hear that 40’s are the new 20’s or something?

So what is missing having senior blonde moment ……. Oh yes it is #UKIP where do I stand on them? Looked around my room, checked a message on my phone & oops silly me of course I’m a UKIP member, I’m a UKIP candidate, I’m a UKIP spokesman, I’m a UKIP approved…

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