Swindon Town Tory Mayor’s Disgusting Comment

How on earth can this man stay in his role as Mayor & as an elected Cllr.

I’m very sure the people of Swindon, where I’d hazard a guess that there are a number of people who have Downs Syndrome, would be appalled, disgusted & offended by his comment. He used a term of description that I’m not going to repeat & asked if “they” were still allowing “them” to have sex!

What on earth is this man on? Why would he ask that? What is it to do with him? Is he living in the dark ages and if so I bet those around him would be far more progressive than he is!

If two people fall in love and may also happen to have Down’s syndrome why is it wrong? If they understand what is appropriate & comfortable due to caring parents who have prepared their kids for the real world then let them be. If they happen to have a child at some point then yes they may need extra support & help but it does not mean that they can’t be fabulous, loving, caring parents!

Yet again where are the media? This should be all over the news!

I could scream a plethora of colourful metaphors interspersed with many expletives at this ridiculous excuse for a man!

It wouldn’t change him one bit though, if he thinks such things & worse says them during a council meeting then I believe his prejudice is part of his DNA.

I feel for the people of Swindon who have this terrible excuse for a human being driven about at Tax Payers cost in a flash car, opening fetes, visiting schools, raising money for charity.

I humbly suggest he gives 50% of his generous allowances to one of the various charities who help young people with Down’s syndrome to live an independent life.



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