Clegg Using Taxpayer Funded SpAd for Secret Debate Trick

If he can’t explain why he thinks the EU is a good thing to be a member of, without help, then he obviously has no real reason for being IN other than he hopes to work for the EU in future like Baroness Ashton, Neil Kinnock & Glynis Kinnock! He should be able to recite chapter & verse from memory everything that supports #WhyCleggIsIn.

Nigel Farage on the other hand hasn’t had any coaching, speaks without notes regularly extolling the criminal waste of tax payers money from every member state and why it makes NO Economic sense to be a federalist union, a political union or to be ruled by an Undemocratic body and whom we have no way of holding them to task!
I know #WhyImOut as do many millions of citizens all over the European Union who can see their hard earned money wasted!


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