UKIP 11% Clear Among Those Certain to Vote

Looking good for UKIP hope it lasts 🙂

I’m female, A Graduate, Under 50 & Vote UKIP

This is so true. How dare anyone level an accusation based on rumour, scaremongering and total fabrication!
Maybe they should sort out their own business before trying to look Into another’s! Maybe it’s because we didn’t go to Eton or Harrow, I’m so glad I didn’t as I’d dislike myself for coming up with such class based ridiculous claptrap! I am working class but hard work, dedication & sheer bloody minded determination has resulted in me having the qualifications for TWO careers; Solicitor and Lecturer. I know many others in UKIP who are extremely well educated but they don’t make an issue of it for that would be crass and ill mannered. If only all thought about treating people equally instead of attempting to dismiss and belittle them.


Just a little bemused because I’ve read a number of times recently in various articles that #UKIP do not appeal to women, graduates and the young ok I’m 42 but that’s young these days ok – Don’t Forget it lol

So I looked in the mirror, yes definitely female (had to check because not been outdoors in a while). Looked at my binder of achievement yes, degree & 3 post graduate diplomas, professional admittance certificate. Then to the birth certificate ok ok yes I’m kind of old but I hear that 40’s are the new 20’s or something?

So what is missing having senior blonde moment ……. Oh yes it is #UKIP where do I stand on them? Looked around my room, checked a message on my phone & oops silly me of course I’m a UKIP member, I’m a UKIP candidate, I’m a UKIP spokesman, I’m a UKIP approved…

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Nigel Farage’s visit to Dudley

A day with Nigel is always eventful for one reason or another.

Yesterday amidst the torrential rain that engulfed Dudley, we had a very important visitor.

Nigel arrived & from then on every minute was a complete tornado. The energy & work load he gets through is quite amazing. Despite his own well documented spinal problems after the plane crash in 2010, the man is focused & dedicated.

Yes we’ve all heard the detractors but they simply couldn’t be more wrong! He took a massive pay cut to be part of #UKIP and he’s helped build it to the party it is today! In the past year our membership has doubled!

In most areas where there are local elections we are able to put a candidate in each & every ward. Another new high.

Nigel is the very same person you see on TV as he is in real life. He gave a few people the slip yesterday as he wanted to get a sandwich! Nigel & a number of members went out into Sedgley to find him something he would like to eat. Can’t see any of the others simply strolling down Sedgley High Street to find a sandwich shop. Again this is Nigel all over he is a product of the old school work ethic & determination. Great qualities when you know of his punishing workload & doing all he can to obtain a referendum on the UK’s continued costly membership of the EU.
Just think if we had to pay £55 per day for a Gym membership or pottery class! How many of us would say

this isn’t affordable & I’m not gaining any from this I will cancel my direct debit.

The UK must pay £55 million per day to be in the EU club, few of us wish to be a part of it and that’s £55m we can’t afford to pay! It has bound us in it’s red tape for far too long.

All the scare stories of losing 3 million plus jobs are complete hogwash! We have lost jobs in Southampton due to the Ford Van Factory closing here. The EU have paid the company to leave the UK and relocate in Turkey! So the EU costs jobs whilst we’re in it!

The traders of all manner of companies will not stop selling or buying from each other. The only jobs that will be lost are those who rely on the EU, MEPs, Commissioners, Interpreters, all manner of staffers!

UKIP are the only party who want to make their MEP’s redundant! They are our eyes & ears in the belly of the beast. They bring back the important intel to give us or how would we know about the waste?

Being with Nigel (or on the fringes of it all) you can see how hard he works, the enthusiasm he has for the cause, his dedication. There was at the last minute a change of his plans and he was travelling to another destination before going home to see his family.

He made time to meet some friends of mine & Bills, you may have seen them on the news and my twitter followers will know I’ve been supporting the cause for a long time. Bill has also stated, if he is elected as an MEP, he will ask questions there & continue to help the family of Maxine Hambleton, the families of the other 20 people killed and the 182 people who were severely injured in the Birmingham Bombings in 1974. Nigel gave them much more time than we could have asked for but he is behind the cause as is Jill Seymour (who is No1 on the West Midlands Region List) so that is a major local cause that UKIP want to help get the truth. Nigel even remembered Julie Hambleton’s letter (which she sent to every leader of a main political party). Nigel was the only one to even take the time to write back.

In the evening Nigel addressed 650 people at Dudley Concert Hall. A rousing success, new members signed up, he met many of the attendees after the event posing for photos, giving autographs, chatting to people etc. The whole audience was energised to get out and share the message!

I’m lucky enough to have been in Nigel’s company many times. The smears, the lies, the downright vile nasty accusations only spur him on! The same goes for all of us who like the truth so I say to those detractors keep saying all this nonsense, keep making up lies, keep digging up hearsay evidence, cloning candidates social media sites and all of the other completely outlandish slurs. You make us more resolute to the cause! We would welcome scrutiny if only all were treated equally! All that is being achieved is to make the Lib/Lab/Con look petty, scared, stupid and ridiculous! Keep it up it’s been the best recruitment tool!

I feel sorry for those who are harmed by the lies, honest good natured people being accused of all manner of rubbish don’t the media realise how their smears, allegations, lies harm someone who is a local council candidate or those who aren’t even seeking election. The lives of the person, their families suffer long after the newspaper story has been re-pulped and are history to the reporter. Sadly with the Internet etc these stories are always available. Youngsters at the start of their working lives can be smeared in such a way that they will find it extremely difficult to get a job! This is not right and is unfair. I’m all for the truth but not in favour of stuff that is based on the flimsiest kernel of truth and exaggerated beyond the realms of any fantasy novelist or filmmaker.

I wish the sensationalist journalists would give the same treatment to all political party candidates because all this does is make people think it is all a big rouse to discredit; a person, an idea, the party, the policies even down to the colour of socks someone wore in 1976.

Anti women
Anti disabled
Anti free trade
Anti immigration
So stop being lazy and repeating this complete and utter tripe!

We have a full set of policies, at the moment we are showcasing our local policies which are different for each local area and the policies regarding the EU which are to find out what our money is spent on, the waste, the profligate spending etc etc!

The policies we will fight the General Election of 2015 are ready & contained in our Manifesto which will be released as & when the Democratically Elected National Executive Committee vote for it to be released.

Remember that policies for a General Election are ones we can fight for if we get MP’s elected to Westminster. Our 2015 Manifesto contains domestic policies such as;
Welfare; benefits etc
Law & Order
Foreign policy

And the list goes on! UKIP have comprehensive policies written by people who are very knowledgable about the specific area of policy.

So when you hear or read the propaganda just ask yourself why are the Government & other parties so scared of UKIP ????





St George’s Day Celebration

Fantastic well done and Happy St George’s Day – The Patron Saint of England and we should celebrate this day in a patriotic way 🙂

Don Charisma

We like celebrating the past over here in England, and what better way than dressing up a St George (even if you are a woman), and wheeling your best mate around in a wheel-barrow race. The race was strictly for over 18’s as both the wheeler and the wheelie had to down a 1/2 pint of beer on passing a pub, and there are about 4 on this short 200m high street. Oh, and they had to do the course twice, most of it uphill.

Sound like fun to me, so long as you don’t fall off the barrow.

St George, or Georgina as she's called these days St George, or Georgina as she’s called these days

Here comes the dragon Here comes the dragon

Fun in a wheel barrow Fun in a wheel barrow

Normal night out for the rugby lads Normal night out for the rugby lads

Taken in London, UK © dannyboybroderick

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Swindon Town Tory Mayor’s Disgusting Comment

How on earth can this man stay in his role as Mayor & as an elected Cllr.

I’m very sure the people of Swindon, where I’d hazard a guess that there are a number of people who have Downs Syndrome, would be appalled, disgusted & offended by his comment. He used a term of description that I’m not going to repeat & asked if “they” were still allowing “them” to have sex!

What on earth is this man on? Why would he ask that? What is it to do with him? Is he living in the dark ages and if so I bet those around him would be far more progressive than he is!

If two people fall in love and may also happen to have Down’s syndrome why is it wrong? If they understand what is appropriate & comfortable due to caring parents who have prepared their kids for the real world then let them be. If they happen to have a child at some point then yes they may need extra support & help but it does not mean that they can’t be fabulous, loving, caring parents!

Yet again where are the media? This should be all over the news!

I could scream a plethora of colourful metaphors interspersed with many expletives at this ridiculous excuse for a man!

It wouldn’t change him one bit though, if he thinks such things & worse says them during a council meeting then I believe his prejudice is part of his DNA.

I feel for the people of Swindon who have this terrible excuse for a human being driven about at Tax Payers cost in a flash car, opening fetes, visiting schools, raising money for charity.

I humbly suggest he gives 50% of his generous allowances to one of the various charities who help young people with Down’s syndrome to live an independent life.

Tory Mayor likens Rape to a New Housing Development

This week my attention has been drawn to a number of examples where elected #Conservative Cllrs and Mayors have said things that are ridiculous, offensive & obviously haven’t a clue nor a care for the people who elected them;

Case Number 1

Now how can any housing development be compared to rape? How can it be right for her to say that during a rape that a person should lie back & wait ’til it’s over!

The two are not any thing I can see are related. I would never countenance any person to lie back & wait ’til it’s over if they were (and I would never wish this vile act on any person) raped.

Each rape happens differently but I think the best thing is to think sensible & ensure that if in this diabolical situation would be to attempt to get DNA under your nails, pull hair, save any evidence at all and no matter how violated you feel, however much you want to scrub yourself down with bleach & a scrubbing brush, DON’T!!!!

It’s very difficult & you may feel you wish to pretend it didn’t happen, you may think it was your fault, you may feel ashamed at what has happened to you BUT please please GO STRAIGHT TO THE POLICE Or Rape Crisis Centre.

You will be believed, you will be helped, you will be supported. You may have all the evidence on you at that time which would secure a prosecution.

So I’m confounded how any person could liken a housing development to a rape. Let alone someone who is elected to represent the people and holds a high profile role in the area.

If this had been any elected or candidate of #UKIP then the media would be baying at the Council House Door, at the persons home, checking their life history etc etc

Alas for the people of Cheltenham this will not happen and many possibly will never know about this comment! Quite sad really because the media should treat all parties equally, without bias, without favour but that’s obviously only going to happen in a parallel universe.

Just remember when she is up for re-election & think if you really want someone who advocates that a person lays back and waits ’til it’s over when subjected to the violation of rape.

The Rise Of UKIP – By Bill Etheridge

(hard copy available from Monday)
Available on multi e-book readers from Amazon, Download on Kindle & other E-reader versions available bow

Written by a key insider and #UKIP activist, this book takes a look at the rise of this ground breaking political party that threatens to overthrow the conventional face of British Politics.

Written by a key insider and UKIP activist, this book takes a look at the rise of this ground breaking political party that threatens to overthrow the conventional face of British Politics. This book lifts the lid on UKIP, explaining why its policies appeal to the voters, the mistakes made as well as the triumphs secured. It also shows how errors made by other political parties have given UKIP their chance to become established as a new force in British politics. A must-have for anyone interested in current affairs.

Chapter 1 – Before the Rise
Chapter 2 – The Reasons for the Rise
Chapter 3 – The Rise Begins
Chapter 4 – 2012 – A Year of Promise
Chapter 5 – The By-Election Surge
Chapter 6 – 2013 Trouble in the Tory shires
Chapter 7 – Polling Third, Coming First?

About the Author
Bill Etheridge has been a leading member of UKIP for over a decade. He is currently UKIP European Candidate in the West Midlands for 2014, Parliamentary Candidate for Dudley and Regional Campaigns Organiser for UKIP in the Midlands. He has stood for UKIP in a number of elections.

#published by #Bretwalda