Hapless Harriet and the Regretful Vile PIE

What a week it has been for poor old right on doogooder & professional moaner #HarrietHarman and it’s ONLY Tuesday!

From the Guardian

Well even the usual left wing supporting newspapers and now at last the Main 24 hour News channels are running this every 15 minutes or so. The terrestrial channels BBC, ITV, C4 and C5.

The interviews Ms Harman has consented to have been completely compelling because of her ridiculously regrettable rhetoric. As ever she has fallen into her well versed but her completely and utterly inappropriate diversion tactics clone mantra speak where the answer to every question is what she has attempted to practice. She could only regret this or that, she could only say that #PIE never affected any of her work at the #NCCL. Sorry Harriet it’s NOT working, how about the truth? I know it’s not something that comes easy to you but if you continue on this path it will heavily backfire.

Oooops it’s far to late it is backfiring spectacularly, I expect to see many more documents dredged from the Archives with your name on them.

I will now post a few articles from the media do read them.



There’s no crusade Tom Watson MP won’t join especially if standing against something will win him votes! scoundrel







The Telegraph
Tom O’Carroll, PIE’s founder and described as a “sexually predatory” paedophile, was put one of the Council’s working groups, and in spring 1977 he was allowed to make a speech at the Council’s spring conference. During this period, the Council stepped in to defend paedophiles against “hysterical and inaccurate” newspaper attacks. One leaflet sent by PIE to MPs claimed: “Paedophiles are ordinary, decent, sensible human beings, no more sexually depraved than yourself, and with a capacity for loving and helping children which is at present being repressed.” The organisation also submitted a report to MPs claiming that “girls as young as four months can achieve orgasm”, and that four-year-old children can “communicate verbally their consent to sex”.





This is a very serious issue, if the officers of any group cannot or do not expel affiliate groups then one can only say they acted in concert with each other!

Their silence by way of not reporting self confessed Paedophiles to the police is implying acceptance of the groups objectives.

Footage from the late 1970’s shown on #Newsnight shows that the people were aware of what #PIE where all about because there were demonstrations, name calling & shouting at the known paedophiles so if the public knew then Dromey, Harman, Hewitt knew.

Let’s see what happens in the next 24 hours. I cannot understand why Ed Miliband has publicly supported her in this.

It says to me they will turn a blind eye to extreme and vile views if it suits their ends but will scream from the rooftops demanding select committees, transparency, answers, why was it allowed to happen. It seems that it’s your turn to explain yourselves as to WHY you did not expel #PIE or indeed why in 1975 they were allowed to become affiliate members?

Is this all tied up with Operation Yewtree? If not why not?

I hope the people will look at all the reports & evidence to decide what they believe or don’t believe about this issue.










9 thoughts on “Hapless Harriet and the Regretful Vile PIE

  1. Mrs Jack Dromey (aka Harriet Harman) is a particularly loathsome specimen of champagne socialist, having done more harm to more fathers, their families, their wives and mothers, that almost any other living politician.

    All under the twin banners of ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’.

    Her ignorance of statistics is matched only by her passion fro wrong-headed causes and her inability to see through b/s and to recognise what is ‘right and proper’, not to mention what is common decency.

    She voted for 90 day detention without trial too, so her credentials are shot, whilst her position as deputy Leader of the Labour Party was only achieved by her possession of XX chromosomes, whilst her union-officer husband was selected for a safe Labour seat which had an ‘all-woman shortlist’

    Corruption and nepotism at its corrupt best.

    Let’s list a handful of facts:

    NCCL employed just 12 staff at the time when Ms Harman was employed there.
    It was desperately short of money at that time, accepting donations from anyone and everyone
    PIE was one such group, and paid an affiliation fee
    So EVERY member of staff at NCCL at that time had their salary (and office) partly funded by PIE
    In addition, Ms Harman, as NCCL’s Legal Officer, had to check the legal position of NCCL AND those associated with it, to ensure that they complied with the (then) law.
    In that position, Ms Harman wrote a number of memos and notes, which are clearly and unequivocally favourable to the PIE’s stated objectives.

    Now, whilst ‘never apologise, never explain’ may be an old-style politician’s mantra, Mrs Dromey’s public utterances on this matter in the last few days have been completely dire – desperate, even – and have Tony Blair’s fingerprints all over them.

    Such statements as Mrs Dromey as made merely underscore why she, her associates and all her political class are held in such complete and utter contempt by all decent people, everywhere (whatever their political beliefs).

    She’s just driven another tranche of voters to UKIP (et al) as she cannot bring herself to say ‘Sorry. I’m truly and deeply sorry for some of the things I said and did 30+ years ago when I was young, ambitious, naive and inexperienced. We all make mistakes in our lives and that was one of mine – a serious error of judgement on the part of all of us who worked at NCCL at that time.’

    Had she issued such a statement a week ago, the matter would have been closed and her reputation enhanced.

    instead, she’s simply drowning in her own effluent.

    I’ll get a mill-stone and some rope to assist.


    • Not much that can be added to that. Well said Sir, much more eloquently put than my uninspiring dirge.

      I just hope that the people of the Constituencies where Mr & Mrs Dromey or is it Mr & Mrs Harperson – so confusing!
      (Why don’t they take their husbands name on getting married it’s about joining your husbands family not keeping your own name & appearing not to be linked to their spouses).

      Then Mrs Hewitt who has managed to shield herself, possibly as she is not as high profile nor as blooming annoying as Right On Hattie!

      I hope they will be returned with the lowest numbers of votes as possible so that the democratic process passes judgement on their involvement with PIE.

      I still think that there is more in the archives yet to spill forth!


  2. I had my doubts the story would gain traction and it would end up just a Daily Mail vs Harman thing but happy to see outlets finally picked it up. It seems Harman & Co are actually setting themselves up for a fall now, quite incredible that these supposedly ‘enlightened’ individuals have so little sense of how ordinary people would view this story.

    I must admit, this article made me choke on my cornflakes, the Left really have a way with a headline!




    • Thanks for the link, yes they have shot themselves in the foot but it seems Harriet has been put into protective care & Dromey is just bemoaning this & that about some tyres or something (I know the real story but I don’t have the energy to type it all) however the Paedogeddon Sized Full Grown Massive Elephant is still following them in a pink tutu & with dangly Bet Lynch earrings singing I will survive but they’re still unable to see it! Obviously never had time for imaginary friends either, the ones you can see but no one else does. Oh dear Poor old Jack, Hattie & Patty they can’t see our singing elaborate friend ……. Shame on them!


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