Senior Labour MP’s In Paedophile Information Exchange Row

In the past couple of days there has been number stories in the Daily Mail, front page and then more on the inner pages today. It has also been on the Website of Guido Fawkes regarding Labour Party Grandees Harman, Dromey and Hewitt who have been involved since the 1970’s with campaigns to reduce the age of consent amongst other things.

It has not gone unnoticed that these are the only media outlets to be bringing this vital and important information to the people. How can any person let alone MP’s campaign and condone the actions of #predatoryPaedophiles or actively campaign for the age of consent to be brought down to 14?

Not one mention on BBC, ITV, C4, C5, Sky etc live news programmes. How can a Cllrs odd views on flooding be more newsworthy than Three of #Labour’s Front Benchers being involved in campaigning to reduce the age of consent?

The BBC on 24th February reported this matter and Newsnight did a rather good interview in which Ms Harman did her best to deflect any responsibility for her hand in the affiliates of the NCCL. I do expect more news coverage in the coming days and weeks. It is not any form of smear campaign or witch hunt it is the truth & it is for this reason that Ms Harman et al will not be bringing an libel actions on any media outlet

As recently as 2009 #Harman was proposing a reduction in the age of consent to 14. She had worked for the NCCL in the late 1970’s for a good 3 or 4 years as their Legal Advisor! She Lobbied politicians and campaigned for rights of Paedophiles. Some of the campaigns were so stomach churning I am not going to detail them here but have attached a lot of the links I found in a few minutes and I would urge you to read the reports yourself.

As a mother of a daughter I am appalled, as the mother of sons I am appalled, as a human being I am appalled, as the child who was sexually abused I am scared.

I am appalled, sickened, upset, angry and incandescent with rage, that anyone could ever countenance there ever being a time when it would ever be appropriate for an adult to have have any form of SEXUAL CONTACT WITH A CHILD!

13 thoughts on “Senior Labour MP’s In Paedophile Information Exchange Row

  1. It’s easy to understand now, how Saville got away with so much. The Police don’t care, or were involved, but if we go back to the Profumo scandal, nearly all the ‘top’ people were involved in that. Police, Judges, MP’s, Barristers, Vicars, surprised any work got done?


    • It’s so appalling that these vile acts are still being ‘swept under the carpet’ unless there can be a small number of scapegoats to throw at the courts.

      This then takes the heat off those who really are perpetuating the suffering of children.

      I’m so angry that this ‘Right On’ ‘Wimmin’s Libber Bra Burning Equality Squawker” is basically promoting the rights of Paedophiles over those of Innocent Children!

      It beggars belief that she is so right on that she regularly berates, nags, belittles, screams about numbers of women in senior roles etc etc YET she is not Shouting For Innocent Children!

      Maybe all of her faux anger regarding equality is to mask the real equality she is seeking; the right of Paedophiles to have access to consenting children under the age of 16!

      I will keep bringing this up and will continue to protect children in the best way can & to get the messages out there that IT’S NEVER THE CHILDS FAULT!!!


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  3. I am not suprised it is being ignored by most of the press, I am suprised the Express hasnt said anything though. I suffered a horrible assault as a child and I feel passionately that we should be open about things that happen rather than so what it seems the media want to do which is sweep it under the carpet, exactly what the bad people of this world want to happen.

    You keep at this issue and if you ever want to link up to discuss the wider issue I am also a party member, very willing to discuss my experience and the profound effect it has on both a child and the adult they become.


    • Hello

      Sorry to hear that you’ve been through the same sort of terrible life altering abuse. Sometimes I really wish it was just me so nobody else ever had to suffer.

      I too am passionate about ridding the world of the evil, selfish, vile, scum that are paedophiles.

      It is sad & very wrong that these prominent politicians could EVER think that Paedophiles were being denied their civil liberties!!! I mean what planet are they on to even think that paedophiles were a minority group whose civil liberties were being restricted & they were oppressed! It really is beyond any human reasoning.

      I’m all for people being free to live their lives without fear of violence or being shunned etc. That’s reasonable and exactly what most people see & think is normal. As long as the people don’t break any laws then let them alone to do as they please.

      Paedophiles and those who commit incest are breaking the law, they are doing harm, they are committing some of most hurtful, vile, scary and violent crimes!

      I won’t let this lie, I will never stop trying to help others to speak out and name their abusers. It’s only then can they start to lift the fear & mistrust of everyone they know.

      It takes time & lots of therapy to feel ok. The trust is never quite there & you worry so much about your own kids that you’re a little too over protective.

      So what are the TV & other news media playing at? If this had been any one from a smaller party the media would be camped outside their houses!

      Thank you for being open about what happened to you. We won’t sweep it under the carpet, we will keep reporting the truth & hopefully at some point people will see what sort of people are representing them in Parliament.

      Bright blessings xxx


      • I admit I get rather angry at people for the ‘Im really sorry it happened to you, but please lets not talk about it’. I think people not wanting to talk about abuse, and more importantly understanding it, is part of the code of silence that abusers rely on. It isnt easy to talk about it or for people to listen but few important thinsg are very easy.
        Strangely perhaps I found researching the psychology of abusers really helped me alot because possibly the central question, certainly as a child, is why me? I also found being about to understand the effects on myself and following those strands through to adulthood helped me accept who I am, realising that those little behaviour patterns that even I thought odd like why I spent 30 years spooked by walking around corners that I couldnt see around, silly things like that.
        Perhaps it is the style of our party that says what needs to be said that can challenge the taboo, I often think about writing about it but it really would have to be in the right context as it is really putting yourself out there in the public domain. I know the few people who I have talked to about it found knowing about it and knowing me, deeply distressing, people do seem to feel immediate guilt but perhaps that is part of the solution, people need to engage with it on an emotional level to stop turning away.


      • I know what you mean. We don’t tell people for their pity we do it because it needs to be understood that it can happen to anyone and those who do it come from every socio economic, ethnic, religious, creed, race background. It isn’t just a specific group which it makes it even more difficult for people to understand, unless they’ve been there.

        I think they apologise because it’s our culture to say sorry when we don’t have the words or actions to articulate the feelings they feel when told about it.

        I had started to write it all down, it was in a way helpful but to be honest I’m still not ready to write it because I still can’t find the words to convey the overwhelming fear etc.

        I’m more odd when it comes to bathrooms, certain foods, trigger words & an overwhelming need to be honest. I was accused of lying so often, I was told people would never believe a liar so I ensure I always have evidence or whatever is needed to prove my honesty. The sort of mental control I experienced really pushed buttons in me & even now the buttons are there.

        I take what I’m told by others literally which can bring about it’s own problems. However I can only treat people according to my own standards.

        I’m always around to listen or to write to. Keep your chin up and never ever let the evil sods make you be anything but you. Your little weirdnesses are ok, they help you cope & well of we can’t have our own indiosyncracies then it’s a sad day!

        Bright blessings xxx


      • It is very funny you say about being honest as I am known, often to much amusement by my wife, for being brutally honest, I find glossing over things quite difficult, like I am lying somehow by not presenting it as it is. I know some women I dated in the past found it extremely difficult as of course one want to be most honest with their partner but thankfully my wife thinks it makes me who I am.
        I certainly find that I get somewhat annoyed by people who ‘beat around the bush’ as they say, I like straight answers as I tend to give them myself unless I can see an obvious reason why it would be insensitive to do so.
        What I became aware of very early was how my mind was often consumed in any public place with scouting for danger, checking body language, looking for exit routes, I was like an 11 year old secret agent which sounds pretty cool until one considers that I was also consumed with fear. Once, I think I was 13, I was so scared my temperature actually rose to fever levels and the school sent me home. That is my overriding memory of childhood and teenage years, fear, I could never escape it.
        The initial events that happened to me were unfortunately followed up by 8 years of relentless bullying in the schools system which compounded all those issues I already had going on at age 8, so in many ways I feel blessed that I didnt fall into the alcohol/drugs etc than so many others do but I was so isolated I didnt have the opportunity to have those influences, small mercies perhaps.

        I think the only hope is to have some of our own MPs, the current lot huddle together to protect their interests which dont appear to be those of the ordinary voter!



      • I’m with you & still do the secret agent stuff. The worst thing for my is that I’m now in a wheelchair so escape routes aren’t always obvious. I did get a fast one, it goes 8mph!

        I was always the loner, the odd one out. I never fitted into the usual school cliques. So I just did my own thing, a rebel without a clue! Lol

        I still feel like I’m the weirdo, it’s an easy role for me. I suppose like you the coping strategies we used as kids become part of what makes us who we are.

        Being brutally honest has it’s draw backs but if they ask then I won’t lie or sugarcoat.

        I found I could learn things quite easily & so I began to take refuge in climbing the educational academic ladder. It was safe, I could control it so it made sense to me. Also from being 8 when things began to happen I decided when I grew up I’d never be like them, I’d never live like them so my quest began.

        I could easily have gone down the wrong path but something again from child good, stopped me. I was about 9 or maybe 10 when I went into the bathroom to find my uncle injecting drugs. Very odd experience but that sight possibly ensured that wasn’t a route for me. Another I’m not going to do that pinged in the brain.

        We had an odd house. It was a council one. The toilet wasn’t upstairs with the bath instead it was down stairs, through the lounge and kitchen, though the back door down past the coal hole and almost to the back garden there was the toilet. A cold, nasty, scary place. In my silly childlike brain I vowed to myself when I grew up I would have a toilet indoors & upstairs like posh people on the telly.

        It’s odd the funny little ways you pick up and use to be your shield of steel. A little place inside your head where you can retreat to whilst the abuse happens, you do as told in some sort of auto robotic way but the bit that’s you is in the special magical place so the things that are going on are happening to the bit that isn’t you. The soul (as we were taught at school) was the bit that was me so I kept my soul in my special place so I could always try to be out of my body. Yes I know quite weird but it’s the things like that that really keep you going.

        Ah well we are here, we survived now we have to try to help others so we can try to end the circle of fear.

        Sleep well & your wife sounds fabulous & she obviously loves you. That is the best thing but it’s hard to understand why anyone would want to love you. Thankfully we both got spouses who put the time in to prove themselves & to get us to open up to let them in. Once that bridge is crossed it makes a huge difference.

        We will keep pushing all we can to make a better future.

        Live Long and Prosper xx


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