Council privatises children’s playground and charges £20 for children to play

This is outrageous! They tell us to let our kids play out, to get exercise, to help them socialise, to stop them sitting in front of a games console, on the Internet or watching TV!
Then they charge the parents for the kids to basically use what was essentially a local park!
You’d honestly think this was a plot line in The Thick Of It (TV comedy which is so true to the real behind the scenes way of Government that it’s totally believable) not actual real Council/Government activity!

Sadly yet again we are let down by the people WE PAY to manage things! I’m beginning to think a class of 10 yr olds could do a better job! They would have more common sense & a sense of right, wrong, justice & how to be a servant to the public!

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Some Tory councils are now charging children to play.

Conservative-controlled Wandsworth council bulldozed a public playground in Battersea Park, spent £250,000 on building a new one and then handed it over to a private company which is going to charge parents £20 for each child to use.

Here’s the full story from the London Evening Standard:

The council playground in London that costs £20 a time


Is there anything the Tories won’t sell? Their own grandmothers? Oh hang on, no – they’ve already done that.


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