The difference between local and national – Kit Marlowe.

Why can’t they allow the people to democratically decide based on facts, past accomplishments, way the Old 3 have acted in Government? Oh I remember why they firmly believe our votes belong to them in certain areas. Since when has ones vote belonged to anyone but the person whose name is on the voting card? It’s your vote, you decide, don’t be brow beaten, take time to find out the truth about each party before you decide who deserves your vote & vote for the party/person you believe will do the best job for you & the people of your area.

UKIP Canterbury

We spend a lot of time attacking the Conservatives here at the Canterbury branch of UKIP, and there is good reason for this; in Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay and the surrounding villages, the record of the Tory run executive of the city council has been woeful. The hardening of attitudes against the Tories from across the spectrum has been spectacular, it is hard to imagine how they could make themselves more unpopular. In Westminster things aren’t a great deal better, from a UKIP point of view the failure, yet again, to deliver a referendum on our membership of the EU is the obvious headline.

It doesn’t have to be like that. We’re all reasonable adults, and surely there has to be point on the venn diagram of politics at which the interests of parties overlap? At that point it makes perfect sense for parties, who would otherwise be opposed to…

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