EU and Democracy – Oil and Water


Like so many nodding dogs on the back shelf of a car, as the vast EU socialist vehicle trundles on towards its Republic we keep nodding our heads in agreement.

Viviane Reding, a commissar who over us rules,
Says we’re incompetent and must be treated as fools.
We’re not clever enough, we can’t make a decision;
She treats a democratic referendum with total derision.

Will Scribe EU Not Democratic

Like rabbits fully caught in a car headlamp’s beam,
Our fate being decided by the commissar’s team.
With more real power, it seems, than our Prime Minister;
Shouldn’t we nodding dogs find that a little sinister?

In the same way that oil and water don’t mix,
The EU and democracy are in the same fix.
A socialist European Republic is being created,
And any opposition must be thoroughly negated.

Completely traumatised by our own apathy,
With whatever Brussels says we’re happy to agree.
Our freedom an…

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