Torquay-optimal location for UKIP?

For those going to the #UKIP conference take a look at this 🙂


UKIP is soon going to have its Spring conference in Torquay, a small seaside town with about 60,000 people. I know Torquay very well; I originate from that sunny seaside town (well minus the sunny). It has many features like this swimming pool known as the “ERC” center for all those living in the Bay (Torquay is in a conurbation called Torbay). Now UKIP probably thought to hold its event there for tactical reasons. Torbay is perhaps one of the top ten most likely seats to go to UKIP. These are the reasons:

1. Torbay is an elderly hotspot. Formally known as “Torybay”, this was one of the main reasons why it would always vote Conservative. Older people with lots of money like to retire somewhere where there is lots of sun (which begs the question, why Torquay?). Elderly voters overwhelmingly support UKIP compared with younger voters according to

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