That Awkward Moment

Fully understand this! Awkward is an understatement at times. Still got to keep a bit of humour or I know I’d go crackers ūüôā

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A new romcom ‚ÄėThat Awkward Moment‚Äô has got us thinking about disability and awkwardness.

On the Scope blog we regularly hear from disabled people about attitudes to disability.

It can be serious. 

But more often than not it’s what you could call innocent ignorance.

And the results can be comedy gold.

Nothing beats Adam Hill’s line from the opening show of The Last Leg.

‚ÄúI had someone ask me, when I said I had an artificial right leg: ‚ÄėCan you still have sex?‚Äô Yeeeeeaah?! What does your husband do? Take a run up?‚ÄĚ

Here are some bloggers on their favourite awkward moments.

Blogger Wheeler Wife lists some of her favourite Awkward Wheelchair Moments.

“Passing people in the hallway who plaster themselves to the wall in an attempt to let you pass by. Just last week a 250+ pound construction worker dropped what he was working on and assumed…

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Did Aiden lie & lie again about Nazi Stag Party?


Photo courtesy of @GuidoFawkes”>

This row over this stag do has rumbled on for 2 years. I was called by a radio station earlier in the week to discuss whether wearing the outfit hired by #AidenBurleyMP, was Aiden’s responsibility, was it just jolly japes at a jolly boys stag party? Is it any different to people who reenact wars ranging from Knights jousting, civil war reenactments with Roundheads and Cavaliers, or the WWII themed days at various places in England?

I honestly had no idea that Aiden Burley’s friend had been prosecuted in France for wearing the offending article of clothing. I can see it being a really stupid idea to wear anything relating to the vile acts perpetrated by those who did the bidding of their reich masters. I don’t buy the following orders tale or I didn’t until I found out more about the Nazis, how they became and the rise to power of the most vile and murderous monster Adolph Hitler but that is another story altogether.

Mr Burley for some reason thought it would be “funny” to have the Groom dressed and paraded around the Ski resort. Their antics in the restaurant and the obvious disbelief of passers by as they walked to the Frog and Roastbeef pub. Mr Burley had always claimed that he did not partake in any of the chants, the salutes, the gestures, in fact he said he didn’t even of to the pub.

Now whatever the whys and wherefores of the uniform and the chanting, which is not something I would find entertaining or even fun. Mr Burley has lied to Parliament, he has lied to an enquiry. He may be a good MP, he may help his constituents resolve problems, he may work harder than any other MP BUT is he a fit and proper person?

If he can lie about this matter then what sort of a man is he? He is in a position of trust, he is meant to uphold certain standards, the above expose (link at top) would suggest he is a liar. He simply has been hoist by his own petard. His silly and irresponsible behaviour (as an elected MP he should have known better?).

His friend has been found guilty this week, so I can see why the whole sorry episode is back in the news. The information the Media had was most likely not released until the outcome of the case regarding the groom who stupidly wore the outfit.

So all of this hinges on Mr Burley’s statement of account regarding that now infamous evening, to the #ConservativeParty, The Inquiry and to #LordGold. The information, the audio, the photos are now available, it appears Mr Burley decided to lie, he didn’t then change his version of events, he was in too deep. So instead of coming clean at the time and saying sorry, he continued with his lies and possibly hoped the whole thing had gone away. I know I thought it had but with this new information questions must be asked!

I think for many reasons that uniform is divisive, there area people alive who were tortured in those hell camps, there are people who have lost loved ones in those camps. The vast majority of those sent to the death camps were sadly sent there for the sole reason that they were Jewish, that was racism of the most vile degree, 6 million Jews killed. Then there were journalists who didn’t do as they were told, actors, actresses, musicians, gypsy folk, homosexual men and the disabled.

This is a very emotive and sickeningly callous act of stupidity on the part of all who were at that party. However, the lies about his whereabouts, his lies about the chants, his lies about the intimidation of people really means that the whip should be withdrawn from Mr Burley immediately.

A further inquiry with the evidence presented by journalists being duly viewed to show the truth if the happenings of that evening, if after all that the inquiry finds he has lied to them and the House of Commons for two years then there is no other option open to the Conservatives but to force him to resign and to call a by election as soon as possible,

The people of Cannock Chase cannot and should not be represented by a liar, When will the elected understand that people do not like liars? Lies are the main reason people are so disillusioned with politicians, they have lied to the people far too often, it has to stop.

We need honesty in politics and without that sadly nothing will change,

I have to point out also that #Labour are not innocent in such matters relating to Nazis; albeit their elected representatives haven’t to my knowledge lied about it. Ed Balls Shadow Chancellor went to a fancy dress party at university actually wearing a Nazi Uniform (see photo) he also forgot to tell everyone he used to be a Tory!!!! Labour also have a councillor elected in 2012 who was a member of the Nazi party (click link below and see photo of her with Diane Abbot.

However it seems only Mr Burley has repeatedly lied.




Sexual Harassment, Unwanted Touching, Indecent Assault

In the past 12 months or more, we have had all sorts of allegations of historic sexual abuse supposedly undertaken by famous TV & Radio Personalities.

Much of these allegations relate to things that may have happens more than 30 or so years ago. So how can there be enough evidence to charge the men as it is basically one persons word against the other. Kevin Webster (Michael Le’vell) has already been cleared by the court. There are cases ongoing at the moment relating to historic abuse and reports from the TV Court reports have said that some of the allegations are that the personality in question put his hand on the girl’s waist or shoulder which made them feel uncomfortable.

Assault has a long legal definition but in short it is – any sort of unwanted touching;

Lord Rennard appears to have been accused of similar unwanted touching and sexual harassment, the witnesses are said to be credible yet the internal investigation found that “The Evidence Was Not Beyond All Reasonable Doubt”. I may be wrong but only a court with a jury hearing both sides of the case can come to such an judgment, if after the case is heard in open court by a jury if his peers can Lord Rennard be found not guilty because the jury do not believe they cannot say beyond all reasonable doubt that he has committed the alleged crimes.

The #LibDems have said they believe the women who have reported this man for unwanted touching, sexual harassment etc but they will not get their day in court. Is this because it was done inside the Mother of Parliaments? I put it to you that the #LibDems are scared of losing one of their Lords, worried about losing his patronage and donations thus they are not really interested in getting any sort of justice for their female members of staff.

It is beyond all reason I can think of, if this had been in any other walk of life there would have likely been a proper disciplinary hearing plus a report to the police. As we all know only can the legal wheels of justice be turned to decide if there is any reasonable doubt or absolutely no doubt that can only be tested in court.

I cannot understand how a party such as the #LibDems who have always sold themselves on being fair minded, working towards true equality, ensuring women’s rights are taken seriously etc; can try to dither and procrastinate over whether they will suspend him or not. He is saying he won’t apologise because he says he has done nothing to apologise for and is actually looking at taking this to court with him as the respondent (victim) of the censure which he believes is unfair!!!

I would advise the women involved to make a formal complaint to the police so that they may at least get to have their say, to give their evidence and to have the matter tried before a court. It has happened to the celebrities named above, so why can the women who have been assaulted by Lord Rennard not have their day in court???.

Dyslexia and Stress

Dyslexia Parents Guide


Dyslexia and Stress

All dyslexic children experience varying degrees of stress at school, doing their homework,
and even at out­of­school activities they attend. School presents a special challenge, when so
much of their day is focused on dealing with text. For children whose dyslexia is severe it can
be as stressful as a one­legged child going to a skiing or dance school.
The dyslexic child knows that something is wrong, but cannot understand why they find it so
hard to do the work that other children can cope with easily. They often can become very
Signs of stress
The signs of stress in children are well known nowadays: embarrassment, anxiety,
withdrawal, not wanting to go to school, tiredness, irritability, headaches or stomach aches,
difficulty sleeping, lying, thumb sucking, fingernail biting, loss of appetite, bed wetting, or need
to urinate frequently.
They may feel a sinking feeling on Sunday evenings because of school next day.
Teenagers may have sleep disturbances, may go off by themselves, may feel angry longer,
feel disillusioned, lack self­esteem, and have a general distrust of the world. Extreme
behaviours may result, ranging from breaking all of the rules and taking part in high­risk
behaviours (drugs, shoplifting, and skipping school) to depression and suicidal tendencies in
extreme cases.

Coping Strategies:

Help children through made­up stories
Sometimes children cannot talk to us about the anxiety they feel. They may not have the
words to express themselves. Homespun, made­up stories are a great answer. The
character in the story can be a boy or girl just like them. They are worried about the same
things and have the same problems to deal with. In the story, the boy or girl finds ways of
coping with problems which worry the child: reading, writing and spelling. As the child listens
to the story, s/he is able to identify with the hero or heroine.
The answer that the child gives will be a direct reflection of the child’s own fears, or anger.
Children can be very honest about the feelings and fears of story characters even though they
may be reluctant when asked about their own feelings.

Teaching slow breathing

In school, children can start to breathe too fast as a spelling test approaches. This can be like
a panic attack coming on. You can teach your child to sense when this reaction is starting and
learn to control their breathing. If they start taking deep breaths, then count to four before each new intake of breath, they will find that their body begins to relax and they are able to
fend off the feelings of panic.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy helps us to stop fearing the worst. Ask your child what would happen if
they did fail the spelling test. Would they be expelled? Would they die? Of course not, the
worst that might happen would be if they were made to stay in at break time, but they would
probably get away with being told to work harder by the teacher. This realisation can take the
panic out of the situation.

Private tuition

The most significant help that can be given to any dyslexic child or teenager is to let them see
that they can progress in reading and writing. This usually means hiring a private tutor for
one­on­one help for a lesson each week. The tutor will take them back to the level at which
they are actually able to cope, and then lead them on very gradually from there.
Individual tuition always brings about a remarkable change in a dyslexic child’s self­
understanding in class. Small group support in school is also very helpful, but not as much as
one­on­one help if it can be afforded.
It’s a bit like learning to use the computer keyboard, but having missed out on how to use
the DELETE key. Everyone else seems to be getting on so much faster than you are!
Individual tuition fills in those missing steps in learning which make such a crucial difference.

Self ­confidence exercise

The child is asked to make two lists, one of things s/he is good at, and the other of things
included: swimming, horse rising, cycling, modelling, collecting stamps, relating to other
Read with your child at home
Whilst reading at school can be demanding for a child, reading at home can be an altogether
different experience provided that the parents use the right techniques. Methods for hearing
your child read are described in an article HEARING YOUR CHILD READ  The parent tells
the child any hard words straight away so that the child can get on with the story and start
to enjoy reading. As soon as the child shows any signs of frustration, the parent take over and
reads the whole of the next page or two.

Praise children

Every child is good at something, so make a lot of this. Put their certificates, badges, models,
etc. in a prominent place in the house for visitors to see. Don’t be afraid to do this ­ every
parent is proud of their children!
Using a number of techniques like these can really help your child to learn to cope with the
stress in their daily lives at school.

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